Healthree Litepaper

What is Healthree

Healthree is a web3 healthcare app with Game-Fi elements. Users get an Avatar and buy the some NFT clothese (Tops/Bottoms/Shoes). After that, they do some activities to get healthy - move outdoors, good sleep, eat managements. To do some activities, they earn GHT token, which can be used to clean up and level up there NFT clothes. Player can buy their NFT clothes in some marketplaces. (Launch sale is a only tofuNFT and you need whitelists to buy them) After growing their NFT clothes they also sell them in some marketplaces.

People can get healthy life

Healthy life have to have good daily habits. People all over the world can get healthy habits to use Healthree.

How we profit

We take small commission from in-app activities. - NFT trading, wear clothing and wear-rental All assets in the Healthree are owned by individual users and majority of earnings in app are made by users.



(Utility Health Token)

- Utility token - Unlimited supply


(Governance Health Token)

- Governance token - Total 500 million supply

Token Buring

Token Distribution

Governance Token